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I'm a passionate traveler and a committed problem solver. Which is a helpful combo when taking public transportation in a foreign country.

I lead a virtual team, with all the challenges and opportunities that entails. So I'm great at building connections without face-to-face contact, and *amazing* at the Internet. Need to monitor social media from China, or host a Skype call from the UAE? Been there, done that. I'm a big believer in making technology work for you, not the the other way around.

As part of that, I manage the backends of two businesses, coordinating everything from website functionality to developing advertiser relationships to building a community of clients and readers. Startups are awesome that way -- you get to do everything!

When I'm not traveling, I love playing Iron Chef in my kitchen and throwing the ball for my adorable labrador. Sometimes simultaneously.

My passion is helping people travel better -- whether that's more often, more comfortably, or more economically. If I can't answer a travel-related question, I can probably put you in touch with someone who can!

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  • Adventures In Calling TAAG Angola
    For those who love my stories about airline call centers -- pour a glass of somethin' and pull up a chair, because this one is a doozy. As you may recall, Ben and some friends are flying TAAG Angola from Lisbon to Luanda to Sao Paulo in a few weeks (as one does).
  • Review: The Historic Mizpah Hotel
    This might be the most seemingly-random hotel review ever hosted on One Mile at a Time, but I'm super excited to share it with you guys. Last year I visited the town of Tonopah, Nevada and enjoyed a four-night stay at the darling and historic Mizpah Hotel. "Where the eff is Tonopah?" I can hear you […]
  • 5 Random Items I Never Travel Without
    We've talked before about many of the items we consider essential for travel, be it gadgets and technology, or just having the proper combination of bags. But I thought it might be fun to share a few of the decidedly-random yet super-useful things I make a point of always having in my suitcase, regardless of […]
  • Should Kids Have Frequent Flyer Accounts?
    Yesterday we announced that we're looking to bring on another writer to our team, and the comments are full of thoughts and insights from readers. One of those was from Jim, who noted that he'd like to see more family content, and posed a few questions: For example, I travel a lot for business, and 1-2x […]
  • Seeking: Savvy Miles & Points Enthusiast To Write For OMAAT
    We have some amazing friends who have contributed to the blog over the years, and have learned a great deal during that time. Our ideas on what works, what doesn't, and the best ways to supplement what Ben is already writing have evolved, and we've tried to factor in the feedback from readers as well. […]
  • Credit Card Warranty Success!
    Earlier this year I experienced one of my worst travel nightmares -- my laptop became totally unresponsive, halfway through a trip in a destination where there was zero chance of getting it repaired, during a ridiculously busy work week. Ugh. Fortunately, my husband was on this trip, so I was able to commandeer his laptop […]
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Everyone has airline miles or credit card points. Almost no one knows how to use them.

Along with my fabulous team of colleagues, I help everyday people make the most of their miles and points. Whether you're a road warrior looking to upgrade your general travel experience, or a leisure traveler hoping to save money on a special vacation, PointsPros can provide advice as to the best ways to not only earn miles, but to get the very most from the points you already have.

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