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I'm a passionate traveler and a committed problem solver. Which is a helpful combo when taking public transportation in a foreign country.

I lead a virtual team, with all the challenges and opportunities that entails. So I'm great at building connections without face-to-face contact, and *amazing* at the Internet. Need to monitor social media from China, or host a Skype call from the UAE? Been there, done that. I'm a big believer in making technology work for you, not the the other way around.

As part of that, I manage the backends of two businesses, coordinating everything from website functionality to developing advertiser relationships to building a community of clients and readers. Startups are awesome that way -- you get to do everything!

When I'm not traveling, I love playing Iron Chef in my kitchen and throwing the ball for my adorable labrador. Sometimes simultaneously.

My passion is helping people travel better -- whether that's more often, more comfortably, or more economically. If I can't answer a travel-related question, I can probably put you in touch with someone who can!

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  • American Backtracks On 29″ Seat Pitch, Yay?
    Last month started with news that American Airlines would be installing 174 seats on their upcoming Boeing 737 MAX orders. That would represent a capacity increase of 14 seats over their current (already tight) Boeing 737s. This was to be achieved by reducing seat pitch (the distance between each row) for three rows from 31″ […]
  • The Trick To Booking Mixed-Cabin Etihad Awards With American Miles
    I was chatting with Zach Honig the other night regarding a two-segment Etihad routing he was trying to book with American miles. While there was availability on both segments, the agents couldn't see the full itinerary, and could only see the shorter segment when searching a new reservation. The reason? Each segment was in a […]
  • Alaska Airlines & Finnair Announce New Partnership
    Alaska Airlines has added Helsinki-based Finnair as a new Mileage Plan partner. As happened when Alaska began their relationship with JAL, mileage accrual begins immediately, while mileage redemption won't start until later this year.
  • Join Us In Minneapolis For A Weekend Of Miles & Points
    The Frequent Traveler University events provide an opportunity for miles and points enthusiasts to spend a weekend diving in to the nitty-gritty details of various programs and opportunities, meeting people with shared interests, and generally geeking out over travel. They're fun events, and I've enjoyed presenting and socializing at several of them over the past […]
  • Weekly Review: May 14, 2017
    Yes, we generally do this on Saturday, but yesterday was plenty busy with site updates and Etihad-Residence-Madness. There will be more of both in the coming days, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a recap of this week on the blog:
  • Oh, Hello New Website!
    Good morning, and welcome to the spruced-up One Mile at a Time! We’ve talked about this before, but as the site continues to grow, we need different functionality in order to keep it useable and interesting. To give a small example, back in the day the home page of OMAAT listed the full text of […]
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Along with my fabulous team of colleagues, I help everyday people make the most of their miles and points. Whether you're a road warrior looking to upgrade your general travel experience, or a leisure traveler hoping to save money on a special vacation, PointsPros can provide advice as to the best ways to not only earn miles, but to get the very most from the points you already have.

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